October 2009

  • Audio of evening speakers posted – YXL 2009

    Here are the audio recordings of Stu Kerns’ talks Sunday through Thursday, and David Poteet’s talk on Friday night. There’s a strange clicking noise in the background as though someone is opening and shutting a three-ring binder – no idea what’s causing that.

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  • Coming down from the mountain

    This is a written version of the talk I gave on the last night of YXL Glorieta 2009. YXL is often described as a “mountaintop” experience, and I wanted to help us think about what it means to come down from the mountain. We spent the whole week with Pastor Stu Kerns teaching us out…

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  • YXL Short Promo Video

    Melissa Thomas edited a great short promo video, including several of the testimonials that Seth recorded. Share it, show it at church! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEziC0yi2QY[/youtube]

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