YXL West 2024 – Be Real!

Icebreaker games at YXL West

Join us at YXL West 2024 from July 7-13. Our theme is Be Real.

What are we as humans for? Our bodies? Our emotions? Our brains? Our sexuality? What is broken, and how is it broken? Where are we going? How do we live honestly and authentically with ourselves, our families, friendships, and community? These are major questions in 2024. Join us this year at YXL as we consider how the Bible speaks to “What is a human?” and how Scripture teaches us to “Be Real” with ourselves, grow into the image of Christ, and welcome others into authentic, Real Christian life.

Our evening speaker will be Jonathan Clark, Reformed University Fellowship pastor at UC Colorado Springs. Jonathan will teach us from the Psalms, exploring how these songs show us what it means to be fully human as we’re transformed to be like Jesus.

YXL West 2024 Flyer

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